WordPress plugin compare is a community tool built & maintained by rtCamp Inc.
We observed that when we want to use any plugin, be it a security plugin, optimization plugin, SEO plugin, or a page builder plugin; besides the plugin features what we look for is the popularity of the plugin by analyzing the parameters such as plugin author, number of active installations, reviews, support quality, etc.
The purpose of the WPPC tool is to solve that problem exactly. Using WPPC one can compare up to four plugins and analyze the stats for the parameters mentioned above, that too, in a single view. To ensure users get the correct and up-to-date information, we fetch the data from WordPress.org API and refresh it twice a day.
From Google Analytics, we are observing that the community is using the tool and finding it very helpful. Many users are comparing the plugins like:
These popular comparisons are displayed in random order on the home page and below the comparison table on compare page.
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