Why compare WordPress plugins?

Extend WordPress with the right plugin.

There are multiple plugins available that provide the same functionality. One can easily find this confusing. Our WordPress plugin comparison tool looks to solves that problem and provide more context.
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Plugins comparison

How it can help you?

Amidst myriad of available solutions, it is hard to settle on the right one. With comparison, you get to see important parameters like number of active installations, support threads closing ratio, last updated date, compatible upto version, etc. for each plugin. Thus when numbers are infront with comparison in a single view, the decision making becomes easy.
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Advantages to the community

Enabling competition
Customers have become more aware due to this plugin comparison tool and plugin authors will become more thoughtful about what their plugin offers.
Enabling maintenance
At times we have observed that authors do not maintain the plugin once they release. The comparison tool will enable authors to actively maintain the plugin.
Enabling support
Since the comparison table shows active vs closed support requests; plugin authors will be compelled to stay on top while providing support to their users.

Some plugin comparison use cases!

There are variety of plugins available to extend WordPress. Try few of below comparisons to choose best one!

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